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The Pocket Square Trend

    It wasn't very long ago that the only place you'd see a pocket square being worn was on an elderly gent still clinging to the fashion from the 50's. However the past few years have seen a renaissance of the once very popular trend with the pocket square again being included in many gentlemen's…
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The second video in our tutorials on how to tie a tie is the most widely used knot - the "four in hand" knot. This knot is the fastest to learn and simplest to follow however it does not create a full bodied symmetrical knot like the windsor knot. This knot is great for young…
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Bamboo Underwear? Seriously?

Prior to manufacturing our new underwear range over twelve months ago, I naturally made the point of telling friends and family of our intent to utilise bamboo fibres rather than cotton. The reaction most commonly was "seriously?" or "huh?". While I myself had read of the fabric being used widely in clothing such as socks and infant…
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The Full Windsor Knot

The first video in our tutorials on how to tie the perfect full windsor knot. The full windsor knot is the knot we prefer purely because it's our belief that it looks the neatest and most sophisticated when tied correctly. Hope you enjoy the tutorial and please feel free to ask any queries you have…
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