The Pocket Square Trend

It wasn’t very long ago that the only place you’d see a pocket square being worn was on an elderly gent still clinging to the fashion from the 50’s. However the past few years have seen a renaissance of the once very popular trend with the pocket square again being included in many gentlemen’s ensemble.

So what is it about a pocket square that has brought about this renewed attraction? Many style trends are cyclical but it’s gone beyond just that and has become almost an essential accessory for formal and even social occasions.

Men’s formal fashion options are fairly limited to the colours/texture of a suit or shirt and the odd accessory such as a neck tie or hat. The pocket square allows men to explore their options a little further. Most men only own a handful of suits at best so this small piece of fabric can assist in bringing life to, and providing a contrast for an outfit that may otherwise look the same as the one worn the day prior.

Various colours, designs and textures are available at an extremely low cost meaning the options available are many and varied. Patterns like paisleys, tartans and polka dots can be very effective in adding diversity to your wardrobe while more basic tones like solid whites and blacks can be used if you’re looking to achieve a more subtle look.

We’ve got a feeling this little fashion accessory is here to stay. So make the most of your ability to explore different colours, designs and fabrics; after all, we men don’t have that many other options to do so.